Who We Are:

Whether your concern for your home or business is protection from tropical cyclones or a desire to save money on energy costs, we have what you need. The Storm Smart division of the Smart Companies offers some of the strongest Large Missile Impact Rated Wind Abatement Screens, Hurricane Shutters, and Impact Windows and Doors in the industry. Our products not only protect your property from the storm damage, they can also lower your monthly energy bill thanks to our Go Energy Smart team. As one of the largest hurricane protection manufacturers in the United States we stand behind all of our products, guaranteeing high quality and reliable service.

What We Do:

Tropical Cyclones cause massive damage through strong wind, heavy rainfall, and debris. Should your windows or doors break you will suffer water damage, and may even lose your roof if the wind pressure is high enough to rip it off. In 2012 alone the estimates for damages caused by Hurricanes and Tropical Storms reached nearly $70.9 Billion. Protecting your home with Hurricane Shutters or Wind Abatement Screens is the easiest way to avoid costly damages, and can help lower your Homeowners Insurance. Another concern for homeowners is rising energy costs, which our energy-saving screens can help reduce by increasing shade, reflecting the sun’s rays and absorbing heat. Contact us for a free in-home consultation today.